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Sort by: Popular. Popular A-Z Z-A. Profoto B10 & B10 Plus. Big lights in small packages. From $1,795.00. Experience Buy. Profoto A10. The flash for life. From $1,095.00 Profoto 1/3 stop difuzér. Nasazuje se na Profoto 20,5 Softlight Reflektor pouze nasunutím, změkčuje světlo a snižuje záblesk o jednu třetinu clonového čísla. Profoto voštinová mřížka, 25°, pro Softlight Reflektor. Mřížka zúží paprsek záblesku z Profoto Softlight reflektoru na 25

Learn more at http://www.profoto.com/us/products/continuous-lightThe Quality, Reliability & Innovation of Profoto has Finally Come to the World of Film and V..

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  1. The Profoto C1 product range are the studio lights for smartphones that deliver great light in your images, anytime and anywhere. Connect it to the Profoto c..
  2. Buy Profoto Modeling Lights. Explore our website to see our extensive inventory, and enjoy great prices along with legendary service.. Press ‎ ↵ Enter ‎ for Accessibility for blind people who use screen reader
  3. Interestingly, even the continuous light implemented in the Profoto A10 using two warm-colored LEDs has the same round and regular pattern. And it also lends itself to manual zoom. Constant light can be used, for example, for video recording (there is a flicker-free mode) or used as a pilot light to pre-estimate the nature of the lighting in the frame before shooting
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My Profoto White Softlight Reflector is an essential tool in my lighting kit — it provides a beautiful portrait light, rich with both softness and contrast. The Profoto White Softlight Reflector is ideal for photographers shooting beauty, fashion, or portrait work The OCF Light shaping tools are made for these products but you can use most of the Profoto Light Shaping Tools with the B10, B10 Plus, B1, B1X, B2 heads. G... Fri, 22 Jan, 2021 at 5:18 PM Creating the Right Environment with Profoto Lighting Illuminating with Flashes and Monolights. Profoto flashes come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of modeling... Remote Control with the Profoto Air System. Controlling Profoto lights for optimal results is easy thanks to its Air... Shaping. Profoto Lighting & Accessories. Gotta love a big light, right? When you really need a big source, and sometimes when you don't really, but just want to use it to make somebody look good or impress the client, they are wonderful to haul out onto the set Profoto believe that a Light Shaping Tool should feel right, sound right and be aesthetically pleasing. Just like the painter's brush or the musician's instrument, its form should reflect its function. Profoto ethos is never let technology rule over the artist

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The Air Remote works flawlessly. It really combines with Profoto B1 and B2 light systems to give complete control over your power settings from the camera. Change groups and adjust settings just by pushing a few buttons. It's addictive. The battery lasts quite a long time with over 200 full-power flashes and quick recycling to boot With Profoto light modifiers, you can set a particular mood, highlight specific areas, reduce harshness, and accomplish much more with your lighting setup. Profoto is a brand known for creating advanced lighting tools that focus on simplicity and easy setup, without sacrificing quality. Types of Profoto Light Modifiers. The type of light modifier you need depends on the type of shoot. Umbrellas, beauty dishes, and barndoors are a few examples of light modifiers or light-shaping tools. Umbrella

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  1. Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part1.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part2.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part3.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part4.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part5.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part6.rar Profoto_Academy_-_How_to_Light_a_Background.part7.ra
  2. Light Shapers can be stacked with their magnetic mounts. Profoto A1 can be preordered for Canon and Nikon for $995.00, the Sony version will be available in 2018
  3. e the exposure for a correctly exposed subject. If you prefer a faster workflow, you can capture the first image with Auto exposure and then switch to Manual exposure
  4. The new Profoto mobile light syncs via bluetooth to your phone's shutter, allowing you to create poppy, flashy images using off-camera flash. This is a game-changer if you have ever tried to use flash photography with mobile accessories such as our lenses that often block the phone's native flash
  5. Profoto B1 $1,895 x 2 = $3,790 (At the time there was no HSS/TTL trigger for for the Sony system. Profoto has brought one to market.) Profoto B2 250 AirTTL with two heads = $2,69

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A group for users of Profoto's lighting equipment (Acute 2, D4, Pro7, ComPact, etc.) Additional Info This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members Profoto Lights. Explore Profoto Lights. Pro-Packs & Heads 5 products. Monolights 10 products. Battery Powered Lights 6 products. On & Off Camera Lights 26 products. Shop; Profoto Lighting; Sort By: Show per page: Profoto A10 AirTTL Off Camera Kit (with Bluetooth) for Canon $1,760.00. Profoto Academy - Fashion Lighting - Up Close and Personal: Beauty Lighting Genre: eLearning | Language: English Discover how to build up lighting to enhance your beauty photography. In the low-key setup you'll see how to create razor sharp images using cinefoil and special light shaping tools like the projection spot. Then Lindsay builds up to. The Swedish lighting manufacturer has recently been keen to promote the merits of using Profoto's AirX wireless system for smartphone photography. Placeholder store listings mention a Profoto A10 AirTTL flash, with Bluetooth, in variants for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm

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Speedring for Profoto Lights; More Views. Speedring for Profoto Lights. Quick Overview. Adapter Ring for ProFoto - All models; These high-quality mounting accessories feature a unique design allowing them to rotate 360° when mounted to your light head, allowing for hassle-free softbox positioning. Technical Specs. SKU 3507. UPC 8 17967. GODOX is a professional photo equipment manufacturer. Products include studio lighting system and camera lighting system. +86-755-2570119 The two lights share similar power output and a similar footprint, but vastly different price points. Is the Profoto simply overpriced, or does the Godox fall short Godox V1 (top) light pattern compared to Profoto A1 (bottom) at widest, middle, and max zooms. Features shared by the Profoto A1 and Godox V1. Identical max light output; Similar light output consistency (at max these lights moved 1/10th stop at a consistent power setting Profoto Academy - How to create natural-looking light any, anywhere Video: .MP4, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 673 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 43m Audrey is in Barcelona to create four different shoots where she uses the Profoto A1 and Profoto Connect

Control your lighting effectively by renting a variety of high-quality LED strobe light kits and lighting modifiers from Adorama Rentals (ARC). Our products include the Profoto ProRing 2 . This 200-watt modeling light is fan-cooled, has a circular quartz flash tube, as well as stand and camera adapters The Profoto A1: This is the main view you will have of the A1 while you use it. It is lightweight and has a great design. Using the white button in the left corner, you can turn on the flash, turn off the flash, and fire a test flash. In addition, the swivel head is an excellent addition - allowing us to adjust the direction of our lighting Profoto B1x 500 Air Battery-Powered 2-Light Location Kit. Značka: ? 2x B1x 500 AirTTL 500Ws Flash Heads 1x Fast Battery Charger 4.5A 1x Car Charger 1.8A 1x Backpack M Wireless TTL Support via Optional Remote Up to 220 Full Power Flashes (with B1x up to 325 flashes) Remote Triggering from up to 1,000' Recycling: 0.1 to 1.9 Sec. 1/19,000 Sec. Profoto lighting is robust and reliable - the choice of professional photographers. Our customers hire Profoto to expand their shooting potential. We can supply extra heads and reflectors to supplement your kit, or provide your full lighting environment with geneators, heads, light shaping tools and stands

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Profoto® has since grown and expanded to support both local and regional needs. read more. Go Social! Follow us to know us better! Willing Hearts. As part of the #ProfotoCares initiative, our team of Profotorians headed down to Willing Hearts to volunteer their time and strength An extensive range of light shaping tools will expand your creative opportunities even further; you can choose any from the lightweight OCF family or select between over 120 light shaping tools available in the full Profoto range

Profoto A10 A small light, at an even smaller price. Shop Now Limited Offer Limited Time Profoto Offer - Save £229* Buy a Profoto A10 or A1X and get a 40% discount on the OCF Adapter starter kit *including VAT View Deal Profoto OCF Adapter Starter Kit £546.00 (Ex VAT: £455.00. Profoto Studio 2 Head Kit Bag. sku: 330212. $273.90. Back Order. Contact us for delivery times. Add to Compare Add to Wish List. Profoto Trolley Bag L. sku: 330220. $649.00 Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL 1-Light to-Go Kit $2,490.00 Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page. Profoto B10 AirTTL, Off Camera Flash and Continuous Light

Profoto Pro-11 is a $17k studio flash with built-in Bluetooth Thu 25th February 2021 2 Profoto has announced its latest pack and head flash system, the Pro-11, with integrated smartphone triggering The Profoto A1 is a great option to balance natural light with a little help from a strobe! The round shape of the strobe will allow you to keep the natural feel and mimic the shape of the sun. I don't always have an assistant with me so knowing I can throw a few of these in my camera bag and go and not be slowed down by lugging around. (Select) Android smartphones now work with Profoto's professional lights via Profoto Camera app beta For now, the app is in beta and limited to a handful of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but as development continues, it's safe to assume support for other Android devices is on the way

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The speedlight offered a surprisingly small aperture value for that central spot. About 1 stop under the much more powerful D1 / B1. Yet we can clearly see just how wide the Profoto D1 throws its light. So there is obviously a lot more light coming from the Profoto head than just what would give correct exposure for a small central area Profoto A1X AirTTL-N Studio Light for Nikon. sku: 901205. $1,395.00. Back Order. Contact us for delivery times. Add to Compare Add to Wish List. Profoto A1X AirTTL-S Studio Light for Sony. sku: 901206. $1,395.00

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1) Why Profoto? When it comes to high-end studio flash, there are only a few big names out there: Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom and Hensel. While I have personally been a fan of more affordable lights from Paul C Buff, Dynalite and others, a few years ago I decided to invest in a high-end portable setup (mainly for outdoor projects and weddings) and went with the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed. Price and availability. The Profoto A10 is now available to pre-order on the Bhphotovideo.com website with connections for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony and costs $1,095 or $1,195 for the camera kit included the Profoto Connect transmitter.. Back in June, Profoto has unveiled a new series of Profoto OCF II light shaping tools. Profoto offers OCF II Kit, which includes 1 x Grid, and Gel. The Profoto TTL Air Remote can control the flash power from far away, and even turn the modeling light on. Cons: These lights are 500 ws max, which is on the low end of the power range I like to use

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Using the Profoto B1 modeling lamp as a video light Looking through the past articles on this blog, you'll notice that I love using a video light for low-light photography. A video light adds that sense of drama to portraits, and very often blends better with the existing ambient light, than flash would. Lately though, Read more inside.. HIVE LIGHTING C-Series Para Dome and Focusing Arm with Profoto Mount HIVE-C-PDFAPM *Save The Tax Instantly! Use B&H Payboo to get an instant rebate on the Tax amount. HIVE has put together this C-Series Para Dome and Focusing Arm with Profoto Mount package to provide image-makers with a unique and complete modifier for Profoto HIVE C-series and other 4 diameter light heads Profoto Academy - How to create natural-looking light anytime, anywhere On-Camera Flash: The Cheap and Easy way to Take Better Portrait Photographs New Photographer's Guide: Light - The Essence of Photograph

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  1. Profoto Lights 45 products. Profoto Light Shaping Tools 100 products. Profoto Accessories 45 products. Profoto Air Remotes 18 products. Sort By: Show per page: Photek SoftLighter Umbrella with Removable 8mm Shaft (Medium 46) $330.00. Read More.
  2. In 2013 the Profoto B1 light was launched, featuring a removable battery to make travelling to and shooting on location easier. This was followed by the smaller, lighter battery-powered B2 light. The Profoto A1 is the next logical step for the company being smaller still than the B2, having a removable Li-ion battery and a speedlight-like design
  3. Which is one of the main reasons pros around the world seem to so often go for Profoto when it comes to choosing lights. But another reason is the rental network. Profoto was very smart in engineering wide availability of their gear for traveling shooters via rental houses around the world
  4. Profoto Ring Flash Soft Light Reflector 12 Profoto Ring Flash Diffuser 12 Profoto Multi Spot 1200W 38 Profoto Zoom Spot w/ Built in Head 68 Profoto Spot Small 24 Profoto Fresnel Spot w/ Built in Head 42 Profoto Fresnel Attachment 32 Profoto Striplight Medium 4800J 48.
  5. Profoto presents the A1X as a flash designed with light shaping capabilities; it has a unique round head with a soft, smooth fall-off that makes it easy to create a natural and beautiful light. It also includes a smart magnetic mount and dedicated Light Shaping Tools that click on and off quickly and easily
  6. Profoto, Lighting and Grip and more > RECENT WORK. Ture Lillegraven, Outside Magazine. Thomas Whiteside, InStyle . People Magazine, Jeff Lispky. Mark Seliger, British GQ. SEE OUR FULL CLIENT LIST > SHOOT IN HAWAII. RENT IN HAWAII. FOTON Hawaii • 98-021 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea, Hawaii 96701 • 808-499-5461.

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Organizer of Photowalk: Profoto Lighting on Location with Kate Hailey. Glazer's Camera is the Pacific Northwest's premier source for photography and filmmaking equipment, for professionals and enthusiasts alike. We carry an extensive range of the best brands in the photography industry today, with a goal to have the items you need, in stock. 2021-08-14 Profoto Create Natural, Beautiful Light - Flash Photography 2021-08-04 Profoto Academy - Fashion Lighting - Up Close and Personal Beauty Lighting 2021-08-04 Profoto Academy - Controlling Nature - Outdoor and Indoor Portrait

Lighting Rentals Browse our useful selection of Profoto and Rotolight studio lighting equipment that include various softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, LED lights, light stands and studio kits.In this section you will also find flashes for Canon and Nikon camera bodies.. Read our Ts&Cs and FAQ Organizer of Profoto TTL Tuesday - Lighting on Location with Kate Hailey. Glazer's Camera is the Pacific Northwest's premier source for photography and filmmaking equipment, for professionals and enthusiasts alike. We carry an extensive range of the best brands in the photography industry today, with a goal to have the items you need, in. Profoto. Dedicated to helping photographers bring their best work to light, Profoto manufactures world-leading lighting units - including on- and off-camera flashes, studio strobes, monolights and more - as well as light-shaping tools and leading-edge technology that connects camera, app and light seamlessly

Profoto C1 is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Just connect it to your smartphone using our Bluetooth powered technology AirX and you are ready to go. Point-and-shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions Profoto C1 Plus Profoto C1 Plus is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Point-and-shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions. Go between natural and dramatic images wi Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL 1-Light To-Go Kit. $171.00. 4 Day Rental. More info Add To Cart Profoto Li-Ion Battery Mk II for B1 / B1X 500 AirTTL. $47.00. 4 Day Rental. More info Add To Cart Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit. $195.00. 4 Day Rental. More info Add To Car The Profoto Softlight Kit includes the white reflector dish, a 25˚ grid and a diffuser supplied in a high quality case that is perfect to use for both storage and transport. The reflector is also known through its nickname - the Profoto beauty dish. The light it creates is perfectly suited to bring out the beauty of the subject

To attach the Profoto or Bowens Softbox C-Stand adaptor to your CLx series light: 1) Remove the High Leverage Handle, as well as the C-Stand Mount from your CLx series Light. 2) Transfer the High Leverage Handle and the C-Stand Mount to the Profoto or Bowens Softbox C-Stand Adaptor and connect them to the YS mount Rental Profoto Lighting Equipment CALL 480.966.6954 or 800.836.7374 to make a reservation. Sort By: 1 2. Profoto 1200 Monolight Daily Rate $35.00. Weekend Rate $53.00 . Weekly Rate $105.00 . Profoto 1200R Monolight Daily Rate $35.00. Weekend Rate $53.00 . Weekly Rate $105.00.

Welcome to Photo Rental Iceland Iceland's one stop solution for photo productions We're Iceland's leading Photo rental with big selection of Profoto flash and accessories, Cameras and lenses. We also provide everything related to photo shoots and productions. PROFOTO Profoto B4 AIR 1000ws battery pac Profoto's $1,095 A1X Speedlight is now available for Fuji Profoto has launched a $300 light stand bracket for its $1,100 speedlight The StrobiStrip is the slimmest speedlight strip light adapter available and it's collapsible. Filed Under: news Tagged With: Gear Announcement, profoto, Profoto A10 Reverse key lighting is a simple technique that makes your lighting more dynamic, contrasty and interesting. Which side of the actor the key light is placed can sometimes be overlooked when learning about lighting - when I started learning, I would just put the light at a 45 degree angle to the subject on whichever side of them - with no.

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  1. システム. 初めてご利用の方へ; レンタルの流れ; このウェブの使い方; 連絡先; faq; 関連サービス. スタジオレンタ
  2. Add to registry. Andoer 4K 1080P 48MP WiFi Digital Video Camera Camcorder Recorder with 0.39X Wide Angle Macro Lens External Microphone Novatek 96660 Chip. $153.99. $153.99. List. price $184.79. $184.79. Shop Now. Creates a wide light, perfect for group portraits Easily clicks onto the light s magnetic mount Stackable with other compatible.
  3. 18 Bi-Color LED Ring Light. The Most Complete Ring Light Kit Now On Sale: $179.90. Hot New Gear Available Now! Increase the tilting range of your light source with the Shorty arm. Find new low-priced collapsible backdrops and grab exclusive canvas drops by Joel Grimes
  4. The Profoto 500W/s D2 AirTTL Light Kit consists of (2) high-powered, ultra-fast monolights. Building on the high quality of the popular D1 model, the D2s are equipped with an enhanced LCD screen display that flips around according to the position of the light for easy reading when doing overhead lighting

The holder can be mounted quickly and securely onto any Profoto Off-Camera (OCF) flash via the durable Profoto rubber collar mount and metal clasp. The magnetic grids and gels can be stacked and clicked on and off in seconds. OCF II Grid 20° reduces the light spread, controls straylight and adds contrast and drama to the image Quick Overview Built-In AirTTL, Use On or Off Camera Faster Recycling: 1 sec Upgraded Battery: 450 Full Power Flashes High-Speed Sync, LED Modeling Light 9-Stop Power Range, 76Ws Output Weighs 1.2 lb Including Battery Optional Wireless TTL with Profoto ファームウェアアップデート情報 2021年7月1日現在. Profoto A1 / A1X / A10 / Connect / Air Remote TTL-C 用のファームウェアアップデートがリリースされました。 アップデートの内容は、Canon のミラーレスカメラでの近距離(1m未満)撮影時のTTL機能を修正 Profoto has created the ingenious Profoto A Series Flash OCF Adapter and for the very first-time users can take advantage of Profoto's entire range of OCF light shaping tools with their A-Series Flashes. That is more than 50 different types of modifiers Rent Digital Cameras; Lenses, Lighting and Studio Grip Gear; Video, Audio Visual Equipment and much more.Rent Profoto,Canon, Canon Digital slr,Phase One Digital Back Rentals,Medium format camera rental,Camera rental New York, lighting rentals,strobe flash rentals,nyc Digital Capture rental service rental digital new york grip rental, Nikon camera ,Digital nikon renta

オリジナル Profotoリフクレクター用ケース →収納例 NP特価(税 込 )\14,300 丈夫で軽量な段プラ製。内寸約359×359×420mm ベルクロ6箇所とベルト2組を配置し、輸送中も安心。コーナーにリブをつけているので、安定して積み重ねできます #100660 Speedring Profoto HR SoftboxをProfotoヘッド、モノフラッシュ、定常光ライトに装着するアダプター。 D1 Stand Profoto Proヘッド、モノフラッシュ、定常光ライト用コンパクトスタンド。 最大伸長:約240cm、収納高:約79cm、重量:約1.5kg。凸出し。 Air Remot

ビデオカメラのレンタル、デジタルカメラ、レンズ、ビデオ、プロジェクター等映像機器のレンタルショップ。ビデオカメラレンタルは新宿駅徒歩5分!のマップレンタル I then used Profoto B10's to provide fill light as needed - either on-axis directly behind the camera or by bouncing them off a neutral colored wall or v-flat as the constraints of each image demanded. Photographer: lukecopping Waxlight: waxlight_bar_a_vin #Profoto #ProfotoB10 #lightshaping #onlocationlighting #groupportraits #portraitphotograph Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL 1-Light to-Go Kit high end photography lighting - 10 times as powerful as the average Speedlight, Comes with Remote, 20 flashes per second The Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector is designed to give a wide, uniform and softlight as well as shadow definition, when mounted to a Profoto flash head. The gradual fall-off makes it perfect for close-up beauty photography. The centre disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal glass disc to Profoto Softlight Reflector (White) Read More : Profoto A1 Grid Kit : Camera & Photo,Fast Delivery & Low Prices,With the latest design concept,Quality and Comfort,Commodity shopping platform,Tens of thousands of products, manufacturers price Large, 51 Profoto Deep White Umbrella; 5, the softer the shadows will be, Limited 1-Year Warranty, 51', has a deeper, : Photographic Lighting Umbrellas : Camera & Photo, the strong glass fiber rods make the Umbrella Deep remarkably reliable and sturdy, more even light spread, easy to work with and very easy to transport